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Crewman Kinash Adow is one of the engineering personnel of the U.S.S. Excelsior-C. She is a human in her early twenties. Originally assigned to the refit crew, the young woman requested a permanent assignment, which was granted, much to the dismay of Chief Engineer Lorhrok. The two of them do not get along well--she thinks that he is too young for the position, he thinks that she is arrogant and disrespectful. Even worse: They're both right.

In the Audio Drama, Adow's voice actress is ideally in her teens or twenties, able to put on both a somewhat spoiled, rather disrespectful tone. To audition for this part, please send an audio clip of the audition lines to this address.

To request a complete script, so you as a candidate can study your character in greater detail, send an email with the word "REQUEST" in the subject line to this address. (Note it's the same email address as before. Clever, no?)


ADOW: Right. Though I'm not sure how productive this is.

HARKLESS: What makes you say that?

ADOW: This ship is hitting the Delta Quadrant, Harkless. It's a nasty piece of real estate, that.

HARKLESS: Well, they'll have all of Task Force 38 to back them up.

ADOW: That's Borg space, Harkless. Even with our upgrades, this ship don't stand a chance in a fight.

ADOW: [considers for about one second whether to proceed with rantage. Does so.] I don't think a junior grade lieutenant should be Chief Engineer aboard a ship as grand as the Excelsior. It's one of the most prestigious ships in the whole fleet, and they give it to you of all engineers?