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Captain Rachel Cortez is the captain of the U.S.S. Excelsior-C. She is a half-Vulcan, half-Human in her thirties. She is young for a command, especially a Sovereign class. However, her sense of confidence and determination have made her an excellent leader, if a little arrogant. In any case, Captain Cortez cares passionately for the people under her command and is not afraid to defend them.

In the Audio Drama, Cortez's voice actress is ideally in her twenties or thirties, with a voice that just screams confidence and power. To audition for this part, please send an audio clip of the audition lines to this address.

To request a complete script, so you as a candidate can study your character in greater detail, send an email with the word "REQUEST" in the subject line to this address. (Note it's the same email address as before. Clever, no?)

To read more biographical data on Captain Cortez, written by the original developer of her character, go to her biography here.


CORTEZ: : Captain's Log, Stardate 59932.1. It has been a long wait in dock. The way the refit crews are working, I fear we won't launch until Christmas—or even New Year's Eve. I have no desire to remember 2382 as the year we didn't launch.

Still, with a name like Excelsior, we have to get it right. It would be a shame if Starfleet decided that placing the first officer from a small ship like the Mercury in command of a ship with this much legacy was a mistake, after all.

Hopefully, as the remainder of our key personnel come aboard and Engineering gets our last critical systems online, we'll get a clearer picture of where we stand.

CORTEZ: Look at this, Lieutenant. Spacedock is an incredible place. So many little worker bees, so many components and lights. All just cogs in part of one great machine. All of it, from the simple metal floating outside to the efforts, the dreams, the work that went into this… all of it is going into just one thing. Getting us… out there.