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Lieutenant Commander Alcar Dovan is the Excelsior's Executive Officer. He is a jovial Bolian male in his seventies, which is the equivalent to a Human in his early fourties. Best described as a "loose cannon," Dovan often defies Starfleet regulations simply because it suits his mood. It is this freestyle approach to command that makes him an excellent candidate for first officer. He carries some personal demons from the Dominion War, but as a whole, the commander is quite personable.

The ideal voice actor for Commander Dovan is a man in his late twenties or early thirties. They should be able to do that kind of 'Bolian Voice' shown by Mr. Mot from TNG or Chell from VOY; that is to say, cheery and buoyant. To audition for this part, please send an audio clip of the audition lines to this address.

To request a complete script, so you as a candidate can study your character in greater detail, send an email with the word "REQUEST" in the subject line to this address.

To read more biographical data on Lieutenant Commander Dovan, written by the original developer of his character, go to his biography here.


DOVAN: First Officer's Log, Stardate 59935.7. Now that I'm X.O., I've really got to get into the habit of making these. It's been two days since we left Starbase 911; two days since passing through the Iconian Gateway; two days we've been in the Delta Quadrant. And, really, what I'm mostly feeling is… surprise. I… I always expected the D.Q. to feel different somehow, perhaps a bit more vibrant, a bit sharper color than before. But what it really is is liberating. I spent my first seventeen years in Starfleet moving from one battle group to another… here, there isn't a political boundary—or a warfront—for as far as the eye can see.

DOVAN: Do you really think a junior lieutenant has the Starfleet experience to run an engine room? I mean, I like the kid fine—he seems like a good leader, and, one day, he'll be an excellent engineer. But, here and now, he can barely keep his eyes open for thirty hours straight. How many times has he been in an engine room during a combat situation, much less commanded during combat?

[He pauses, in case Cortez wants to say something. She remains silent]

DOVAN: I suppose what I'm asking is… [struggles] What about Mr. Lorhrok recommended him to you? And am I completely out of line?

[He nearly adds, "What about me recommended me to you?" but the moment passes.]

DOVAN: Lieutenant Lorhrok, you'd better get on the Smile Shuttle before Judah the Starfleet Otter comes and tries to cheer you up.