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Lieutenant Junior Grade Aleczahnder Lorhrok is the ship's Chief Engineer. He is an unjoined Trill in his late twenties. His youthful age and admittedly low rank are often sources of trepidation for him--how often does a young Lt. JG become Chief Engineer of a Sovereign class vessel, after all? This causes him to worry that he needs to perform at a high level to justify the captain's trust in him. Which makes sense, because that is exactly what he needs to do.

In the Audio Drama, Lorhrok's voice actor is ideally a male in his twenties with a moderately high voice, for a man. To audition for this part, please send an audio clip of his audition lines to this address.

To read more biographical data on Lieutenant Lorhrok, written by the original developer of his character, go to his biography here.


LORHROK: I'm sure Captain Cortez has her reasons, crewman. Now, if you don't want me to have you put on report for those comments, I'd suggest you get the hell out of my engineering bay. You've just been reassigned to waste reclamation.

LORHROK: Captain, the report on yesterday's EPS explosion. It seems we made a standard adjustment to the Excelsior's new coolant systems during the refit, but, as the first Sovereign-class vessel to use that modification, we had no way of knowing that there was a compatibility issue between the coolant relays and the EPS conduit. It wasn't designed to handle the new input. We've patched it, and I'll get the fix uploaded to the Starfleet Corps of Engineers by the time we get back from Valandria.

LORHROK: I was a transporter operator for a while. Not much to do except stand around and wait for something to happen. Something I can do for you?