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The narrator, for obvious reasons, is a role exclusive to the audio drama. There are no rules of age, race, gender, or voice that apply. We could cast anyone. All we need is a voice that sounds right for the role. I'm not sure whether that makes the role harder to audition for or easier.

This role is also intended to be a continuing role. However, as it is much more recastable than other roles on the series, it is a somewhat more flexible position compared to others.

To audition for this part, please send an audio clip of the following sections to this address.

To request a complete script, so you as a candidate can study your character in greater detail, send an email with the word "REQUEST" in the subject line to this address.

Note that some of the names in this particular audition are a bit tricky, pronunciation -wise. Fortunately, there's no "official" pronunciation for any of these names just yet, so just make it sound good and it'll be fine. I, personally, usually pronounce "Dhivael" as "Di-VEIL." But, as the auditioner, it's your call.


NARRATOR: The U.S.S Excelsior, NCC-2000-C. Last of the great Dominion War dreadnoughts constructed. First in the hearts and minds of the men and women of Task Force 38. The Excelsior was once a ship of legends: Grenn, Dhivael, Sumpter, R'iku. From 2375 to 2379, she and her intrepid crew were the first line of defense in Starfleet's territory in the Delta Quadrant.

Two years ago, short of crew, facing Federation-wide force redistribution, the Excelsior was temporarily mothballed. One year later, a Borg offensive pushed Starfleet's Delta forces right back through the Iconian Gateway to the Alpha Quadrant. High-ranking veterans of the Excelsior, scattered throughout Starfleet's leadership, saw this and came to a single conclusion:

Two years is far too long.

NARRATOR: Alcar had come in carrying a small, disorganized mountain of padds, each with their own piece of ship-critical information on them: from the most recent modifications to that blasted duty roster to a detailed inventory of the ship's food stores and long-term survivability projections should they for some reason be cut off from food re-supply; from a brief discussion concerning the calibration of the matter-antimatter ratio to a rather lengthy dissertation on the continuing paint job Starbase Work Crews D through G were overseeing underneath the port nacelle; from Ensign Daniel MacBride's most recent Tactical Readiness Report, which Dovan could swear MacBride was putting out at a rate exceeding three a day, to a few notes about the operations department he had taken while chatting with the affable Lieutenant Commander Jack Helder on the way in. Now that they were all laid out in front of him, however, and he could see the great big picture that all these minute details combined to create, he saw that his answer was simple.