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So, you'd like to play a part in the Excelsior project, would you? That's wonderful, because we have a lot of parts that need to be filled--from permenant regulars on down through Ensign Thiripol, the engineering diagnostician--and we really need your help.

We are holding open auditions for the first episode of Excelsior, "...There You Are." Candidates may read for any of the main cast parts as an initial audition. We will cast all roles from this initial candidate pool, so, even though you read for Asuka Yubari's part, you could end up cast as Sam Asii or the Narrator. Callbacks for additional audition will be made at our discretion.

How To Audition:
1. Find the role you'd like to read for from the cast list below.
2. Each role has a block of dialogue or a few lines. Note them. This is the part you will be reading.
3. Practice the dialouge aloud a few times. Try to get yourself into the skin of the character you're reading. Be the character.
4. Hook up a microphone and record your lines.
4a. If you've never done this before: Windows has a built-in sound recorder, in Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> Entertainment. While it's not the ideal application, it will work fine for the audition. Mac users: you may have to install some freeware, if your computer didn't come with OS X's wonderful Sound Editor program. Try Monkeybread SR 1.1.
5. Save the lines as an mp3 or wav file.
6. E-mail the file as an attachment to Be sure your message includes your first name and last initial, the part you auditioned for, and, most importantly, a return address where we can reach you!
7. Sit tight. We will review auditions as they come in, but it will still take a few days to a couple of weeks after we reach the initial audition deadline for us to e-mail everyone with decisions and callback requests.

Factors we will consider in our audition are: voice quality, enunciation, and ability to be in-character. Later in the audition cycle, willingness/ability to commit to regular appearances MAY be a factor. We will NOT consider: sound quality, background noise, microphone problems; these are problems we can work on fixing after casting is over--although people with horrible mics should probably expect to spend $20 or $30 on a new one. A small price to pay to be on Excelsior, but I think I'm legally required to mention it.

Rachel Cortez, Commanding Officer (female)
Alcar Dovan, Executive Officer (male)
Alecz Lorhrok, Chief Engineer (male)
Kinash Adow, Starbase 911 Refit Crewmember (female)
Narrator, Narrator Extraordinaire (any gender)

We understand that people may want to understand their characters a little more than our brief blurb allows them to. If you feel that way, you are welcome to request a copy of the script from us. Just include the word "REQUEST" your subject line and we'll get right back to you. The forty-seven page document (no joke!) contains the full current draft of "...There You Are," complete with production notes and a few dumb jokes. It really is a valuable audition resource, and gives you a better idea of what you're signing up for. You should make use of it.

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