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Last Update: 30 January 2007

This is the most current up-to-date list of awards available exclusively on the Excelsior. While we plan to eventually include all available awards, especially those originating from the Bravo Fleet Hall of Honor, the operations of the ship have precluded such an update for the time being. Furthermore, any crewmembers with the software and artistic capacity to create images for these awards are encouraged to contact the C.O.

Also in the future, there will be a section recognizing all award winners since record-keeping began. Sit tight for that as well.

Moriarty Award The Moriarty is awarded to the player who best exemplifies the writing of villians. Whether small-time crooks, rouge spies, or alien masterminds, the winner of the Moriarty has proven his or her ability to get inside the head of evil, scum, and villiany.
Decoration for Cooperation This Decoration is awarded to the player who does the most to include other players in the story he or she builds. This means that the winner has made a strong effort to initiate joint posts, insert tags, and include other characters in his or her posts.
Adow Award The Adow Award is received by the player who demonstrates the greatest aptitude for writing interesting and original non-player characters and for finding new dimensions of established NPC's.

Named for Crewman Kinash Adow, an NPC Engineering scut created by Lt. J.G. Alecz Lorhrok and fleshed out in a series of posts between Lorhrok and First Officer Alcar Dovan during the first week of the 2382 relaunch of the Excelsior.