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The USS Excelsior is a Forum-Based Roleplaying Game (PbF RPG)

Join Via TF 38 Site


NOTICE: The "Send Communication" button at the bottom of this form is shot. We don't know why Tripod did this to us, but we're looking for other hosting options. Please fill out this application in a standard text editor (such as Microsoft Word) and submit via email to Thank you. I will now proceed to fire off an angry letter to the people at Tripod.

Please be aware that this Role Play Game is played via FORUM, and you will be required to create a free account on the forum to play.

You may want to look at the general rules and read some of the earlier postings. If you can abide by these standards--and there's really no way you wouldn't have that ability--then continue with the application. This is mentioned because regularly disruptive players will be removed from the game, and we'd rather just not go there.

Only original characters will be accepted. If you copy an existing character from Star Trek, there is a high likelihood your application will be rejected. You may include biographical links to existing characters if you wish; however, unique characters are recommended.

RULE 1 - You must be 13 years of age or older to join.

RULE 2 - You must include an e-mail address. We can NOT contact you regarding the game without one.

RULE 3 - DO NOT apply for this game unless you are genuinely interested in playing this RPG.

RULE 4 - DO NOT apply for this game if you have 5 characters already in Bravofleet.

RULE 5 - DO NOT apply for this game if you are listed on the banned players list, listed it the JAG site.

RULE 6 - Characters are important. This application is important. The commanding officer will use this application to decide your initial rank. The better and more detailed your application, the better your initial ranking in the game, roster permitting.

RULE 7 - DO NOT assign yourself a rank in your profile. The commanding officer will place you within the ranking stucture of the ship.

RULE 8 - Please DO NOT submit multiple simultaneous applications. Only one character per player per game is allowed. If you do not receive a reply within a few days, please feel free to re-submit a character as it is possible a technical fault will have occurred.

RULE 9 - You may be asked to redo your application if it does not meet basic standards for completeness and readability. [i]Excelsior[/i] is a very successful simm, and we will not accept players who do not demonstrate that they can and will contribute to our game's writing. That said, all of us in the senior staff came from outside BF with little simming experience, and we firmly believe that Anybody Can Write. So don't let this rule scare you; do let it motivate you.

RULE 10 - We are now evaluating characters based partly on their perceived degree of "Mary Sue" qualities. Ross Taben of Bravo Fleet put together an excellent self-test based off of Ivy Blossom's original. You can access our version of it here. While we do give an enormous of leeway based on good writing, we don't generally accept strong Mary Sue characters without good reason.


Format address : (Or Such)

Remember, in joining, this e-mail address will be used to contact you and you will get e-mails related to the game, so it might (or might not) be a good idea to create a new account with one of the free services. Some free ones are :
Player Name:
Your Real Name...
If you only wish to give your first name, that is... acceptable.
Player Age:
Your Real Age...
Your Real Gender...
What RPG's have you played before? Are you familiar with Bravo Fleet's rules of writing? Any other roleplaying history you care to add is welcome.
Referred By:
How did you hear about us? Why did you stay? We're trying to figure out which of our advertising techniques are working out and which ones are not.

See a sample profile for the basic outline of what a profile should look like.
This is a shorter one for easy reading; yours may be as long as you like.

Character's Name:
Try to pick a name that fits your character. For instance, "Runtboy the Foul" would not be an appropriate name for a Trill. Well, maybe Curzon, but even then...
Character's Age:
Try to pick an age which fits your character and his position, based on how long it took him to go through the academy and other ships (if any).
You may add a birth-date if you wish, i.e. 1st January 2355. The current year is 2383, so if you are 25, your birth year would be 2358.
Character's Origin:
The planet that your character is from, i.e. Vulcan, Earth, etc. Some characters are born on worlds other than their species' homeworlds, like a Vulcan who was born on Earth or a Human born on Bajor or a Bolian born on Gault.
Character's Height:
i.e. 5'6", etc.
Character's Weight:
i.e. 150lbs, etc.
Character's Hair:
(If any) i.e. Brown/medium length, Blonde/short length, etc.
Character's Eyes:
i.e. Brown/piercing, green/unfocused, blue, black, etc.
Male, Female or a Null/Diversified Gender.

Pick a race for your character. Mixed races are accepted too, within reason. If you want to be another race please write it into the "Mixed or Other Race" box with an alternate race from the approved-race list next to it in parenthesis. Your first choice will then be evaluated and accepted or rejected. If regected, the secondary option will be used. (i.e. Valandrian (Klingon))

Races with a "*" are considered difficult races and are not advised as character races, however they are availible if a applicant so wishes to attempt them. The [F], [N] and [H] stand for FRIENDLY, NEUTRAL or HOSTILE to the United Federation of Planets.

Enter "Mixed Race" or "Other Race" if needed :

Your character may be from several different branches of Starfleet: Starfleet Officers, Cadets or Enlisted (possibly leading to Warrant Officer Ranks). Civilians do not use ranks.

Enter "Specialist Field" or "Other Assignment" if needed :

Here you can pick your character's assignment. If a department head role is not availible, you may either take on a post within that department, or take on a role in the alternative field, provided that is availible (See Crew Manifest). The Commanding Officer will personally communicate with you before finalizing your assignment. You may also request a specific assignment, something tailored to you character. The list gives departmental roles, but there are many assignments on a starship, and, hey, the Federation isn't all about the ranks of Starfleet; it's filled with barkeeps and Borg anthropologists, too. If you wish to ask about some unlisted position, or even make one up, feel free (Bravo Fleet HQ keeps a very complete reference list of additional positions). Your alternative will be evaluated and approved (or disapproved) by the Commanding Officer.


Here you can add any special skills, interests, hobbies, or whatever happens to strike your fancy. These can be used in your character's profile and can assist in other players relating their characters with yours.

Spoken Languages:

Here you may add any languages your character has learned. (Noting how proficient your character is in each tongue is nice, too.) Remember, non-Terrans, such as Bajorans or Vulcans, will speak their own languages first, then pick up others, like English, as learned languages.


Here you may add information about your direct family: father, mother, brothers or sisters; maybe even partner or children.

Personality Profile:

Physical Profile:

In the profiles, you may describe many of your character's personal attributes. The personality profile can contain information on likes and dislikes, what your character's strengths and weakness are, and any other personal information you want to add about her personality. The physical profile should contain a brief statement about how your character appears: markings, build, abnormalities, anything important about your character's appearance.


Here you can add information about the service history and education of your character. Use this format as often as possible:
2381-2383 Served as Executive Officer aboard U.S.S. Excelsior-C.


The biography is the story of your character's life. Keep it authentic to the character; it is arguably the most important part of your application. It can be narrated by you, your character, a counselor, or anyone else—use the form that gives you the most freedom to show your C.O. who your character is. Lengths vary widely, from a paragraph or two to several thousand words. Pick the length that suits you, and use other crew bios as a guide. Quality and size do not always go hand-in-hand.

Writing Sample:

And now the final part of your application: the writing sample. This is a basic way to see how your writing style will fit into the Excelsior crew, and let's us see a few extra things like spelling a grammar. Write as much or as little as you like, and don't take it (too) seriously. This is not nearly as important as your bio. But it doesn't hurt to have a great one if you're bucking for rank. If you like, you can start with the above passage as a sort of creativity jump-starter. Or you can delete what's already there and start from scratch.

Thank You For Your Application...